Topchain Pharma Receives Visiting Members from Shenzhen Elite Community Class 10

Publisher:TOPCHAIN Time:2020-08-12

On May 25, 2019, Zhuhai Topchain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Topchain Pharma" for short) sponsored a "face-to-face enterprise communication" activity. It's a visiting and learning activity for Shenzhen Elite Community Outstanding Leadership Workshop Class 10 for Shenzhen Key Private Entrepreneurs. Mr. Duan Minying, Chairman of the company,is one of the members. 

△ Mr. Duan greets the Visitors △

Mr. Duan Minying leading the company's management team greeted the visitors and shared the company's development history, R&D of innovative materials and development in the field of applied technology. 

△ Mr. Duan introduces Topchain Pharma and its products △

△ Microcrystalline Cellulose △

Topchain Pharma, founded in 2012, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Youpuhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Youpuhui" for short). Its factory is located in Zhuhai Dingjiawan Industrial Park. From its establishment, Topchain Pharma has been specializing in the R&D and production of high-quality and functional pharmaceutical excipients. Its objective is to achieve individualized product customization, meet differentiated needs of users, and strive to develop into a quality pharmaceutical excipient supplier and applied technology service provider.


Li Hongwen, Topchain Pharma's CEO introduced the development history of the company:

In September 2017, Topchain Pharma was granted the Drug Manufacturing License by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration (FDA); 

In April 2018, Topchain Pharma successfully filed its microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) products with the FDA and obtained the DMF No. 032755;

In May 2018, Topchain Pharma was granted the Food Production License by Zhuhai Food and Drug Administration;

In February 2019, Topchain Pharma was awarded the ISO Quality Management System Certification.

Mr. Li also introduced the company's MCC R&D and production process. As he mentioned, the company's development and production of MCC products have undergone a lot of investigations, studies and experiments. German pressurized rotary drum filters have been used for the key cleaning step of automated upgrade. Next, Topchain Pharma will make more efforts in lean manufacturing, adjust the hydrolysis heating method and production layout, complete the upgrade of the product line, and realize intelligent, automated and fine production so as to save the manpower, costs and huge production space. 

△ Mr. Li introduces Topchain Pharma's Production Workshop △

Topchain Pharma's products now enjoy a large market capacity and a significant growth. Based on the individualization and differentiation strategy, Topchain Pharma has proposed individualized customization to meet customers' requirements for any density, granularity and moisture, which has been widely recognized by customers.

In the activity, Mr. Li also recommended Topchain Pharma's latest research results, including TONCELLUS®TLF Series and TOMOSIL®TMS Series.


Features of TONCELLUS®TLF Series:

Featured by high formability and high compressibility, TLF Series are optimal diluents and fillers for compression, and the optimal choice for realizing the compression of low-formability API powders and high-dose formulation of APIs and reducing tablet sizes and between-tablet abrasion. The flowability of any MCC product is not greater than TLF935. TLF525 has not only a good flowability but also a formability that is much greater than that of TC101, a general MCC model. 


Features of TOMOSILTMTMS Series:

TMS Series products are dried products of microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide mixed using special technologies. The products have good flowability, compressibility and dispersity in the formulas. When used for direct compression, while saving the granulation procedure, the products can also greatly reduce the categories and dosages of excipients. The TOMOSIL ™ formulas can be adopted to prepare extraordinary tablets with extremely high cost performance. 

Subsequently, Mr. Yang Dengke, head of Topchain Pharma's R&D Department, gave a detailed description of the features of MCC products and related application areas to the visitors. Mr. Yang said that nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) is a miraculous material to save the world and has a large specific surface area, high thickening and strong rheological properties, good biocompatibility and excellent stability. 

△ NCC is a thousand times smaller than ordinary cellulose △

NCC can be used in the medical sector, papermaking industry, biological application, food industry, inorganic recombination, purification and conduction, magnetic compound, etc. Topchain Pharma has always adhered to the independent development of processes so as to maintain the superior product quality. 

In 2018, Topchain Pharma won the prize for growing enterprises in the innovative materials industry at China  Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition (Guangdong Division) & The 6th "Pearl River Angel Cup" Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

△ Guangdong "Pearl River Angel Cup" Prize △

At the end of the activity, Mr. Liu Baning, Topchain Pharma's General Manager, shared two newly developed nanoscale drinks branded Nayouxian. Nayouxian is a product independently developed and manufactured by Topchain Pharma to supplement the intake of dietary fiber by the human body. At present, these nanoscale drinks have been granted the invention patent and have been filed with Guangdong enterprise food safety standard filing information system.

△ Samples of Nayouxian drinks △

At this point, the visiting and learning activity has wrapped up. All the participants took a group photo at Topchain Pharma. Let's look forward to the next meeting.