Customer Audit: North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Wraps up Its Supplier Audit on Topchain Pharma

Publisher:TOPCHAIN Time:2020-12-29

On July 5, two experts from the quality department of North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a client of Topchain Pharma, visited our company for supplier audit. During the audit, the two experts completed the audit scrupulously, strictly and seriously according to the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations and the supplier audit system and expressed positive opinions on Topchain Pharma and its microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) products. The two experts also patiently and modestly shared their practical work experience and methods with Topchain Pharma's staff from the professional perspectives of QA and QC, respectively, which have greatly helped Topchain Pharma's staff better devote themselves to their work. Many thanks to them!

Introduction to Topchain Pharma and its products by Mr. Li

General Manager Li Hongwen leading relevant personnel received the audit experts and introduced Topchain Pharma and its MCC products. They had an in-depth discussion with the audit experts on the quality stability, physical and chemical indicators, test and analysis methods and functional application of MCC products, Topchain Pharma’s advantages in providing pharmaceutical preparation solutions, which received the affirmation and support from the two experts. That's really encouraging for us.


Audit of areas such as workshops and quality system documents

The two auditors had a field investigation and inspection on Topchain Pharma's laboratories, workshops, warehouses and other areas and provided the guidance. Finally, they comprehensively audited the company's quality system documents and production batch records.


The two experts were professional, rigorous, serious and patient, and not only appraised and affirmed the good aspects but also gave advice and guidance without hesitation on the areas that need to be improved.


Finally, the audit wrapped up, and North China Pharmaceutical successfully completed the supplier audit on Topchain Pharma. We look forward to more cooperation in the future.