Topchain Pharma Brings Innovative MCC to WuXi AppTec and Yangtze River

Publisher:TOPCHAIN Time:2020-12-29

In the golden season of September, the autumn breeze brings us cool. Zhuhai Topchain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Topchain Pharma" for short) took part in a lecture tour on pharmaceutical preparation technologies to top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises: WuXi AppTec and Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group hosted by China Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (CPEC) and organized by international pharmaceutical preparations network PHEXCOM. Topchain Pharma shared its studies on innovative microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) products and their applications with nearly 100 participants present.


Firstly, the keynote speaker introduced the profile of the company to the participants. Affiliated to Shenzhen Youpuhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Topchain Pharma is the only manufacturer that produces pharmaceutical-grade and food-grade MCC products in Guangdong. Based on the thinking of building a pharmaceutical factory, the company has constructed manufacturing workshops that meet the GMP requirements and obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Its MCC Series products have been granted the FDA's DMF No. 032755, and some conventional model products have been given the CDE's associated registration number F20180000805, which will be activated soon. 


Next, the keynote speaker introduced the three major elements of quality MCC products that Topchain Pharma's pharmacists have always adhered to, namely high purity, good reproducibility and good user experience. With high-quality dissolving pulp imported from Brazil as raw material, the company has manufactured the only MCC products without ammonium salt impurities on the market using a special production process while ensuring the product quality (such as few black spots and strong functionality). A European company tested the conventional model products manufactured by Topchain Pharma pursuant to the United States Pharmacopoeia and the European Pharmacopoeia and spoke highly of its MCC serial products. This has also strengthened Topchain Pharma's confidence in providing high-quality MCC products to pharmaceutical companies and realizing the replacement of imported pharmaceutical excipients by domestic ones.


Then, the speaker gave an introduction to the company's innovative MCC products such as TONCELLUS®TL/TF/TLF/TCD Series products prepared through physical modification, further improving the scope of MCC application. Topchain Pharma has also developed the TONCELLUS®TP Core Pellet Series manufactured from 100% MCC with high sphericity and zero friability but without addition of any other substance. In the series, Model TP102 has broken the monopoly of imported manufacturers on MCC core pellets with small particle sizes. In addition, the customized co-processed MCC excipient TMF955 can meet the customers’ development needs of orally disintegrating tablets. Immediately afterwards, the excellent performance of Topchain Pharma's innovative products was demonstrated through experiments.


Finally, the speaker shared with the attendees the "pain points" Topchain Pharma has resolved for customers. Through showing the cases, Topchain Pharma's high-quality and innovative MCC products have received the recognition of preparation R&D experts. These two sessions have brought Topchain Pharma closer to its customers and showcased its excellent products to excellent enterprises. Topchain Pharma looks forward to further cooperation and win-win results in innovation.