Product Introduction
  • TONCELLUS® TC Series, with outstanding flowability, can significantly improve the flowability of other powders;

  • TC Series can ensure the mixing homogeneity of pharmaceutical ingredients, and thus reduce tablet weight variations;

  • Meanwhile, the porous structure of TC Series has brought them excellent drug adsorption capacity;

  • TC Series are prominently advantageous in formability and compressibility;

  • TC Series can produce tablets with satisfactory hardness under relatively low pressures, which can reduce wear on the tablet press machine and dies;

  • TC Series are the optimal choice as fillers/diluents for solid preparations.

  • TC Series have been granted DMF 032755,  CDE's associated registration number was published. 

Product Parameters
Model D50 μm Bulk Density g/cm³ LOD (TOPCHAIN) % Angle ° Special properties Application CDMF/DMF
TONCELLUS® TC101 60 0.29 ≤5.0 45 Wet Granulation Conventional basic grade, with fine particles and good compressibility, mostly used for wet granulation. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC102 110 0.31 ≤5.0 42 Excellent Flowability ;Direct Compression The improved grade of TC101, which takes into account good flowability and compressibility, is suitable for direct compression. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC105 20 0.25 ≤5.0 / Dry Granulation Very fine particle size. Good compressibility, easy tableting, also used as a strong dry adhesive. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC12 180 0.33 ≤5.0 / Excellent Flowability ;Excellent Compressibility Coarse particle size microcrystalline cellulose,excellent compressibility and flowability F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC112 110 0.31 ≤1.5 42 Excellent Flowability;Direct Compression;Low Moisture Reduced moisture content on the basis of TC102, suitable for water-sensitive API F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC200 180 0.33 ≤5.0 36 Excellent Flowability;Direct Compression Increase the particle size on the basis of TC102. The particles are highly spherical, rich in pores, have excellent flowability and compressibility, and are suitable for direct compression. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC200XL 250 0.34 ≤5.0 <36 Excellent Flowability;Direct Compression Largest particle size grade. Spherical particles, excellent flowability, suitable for direct compression. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC301 60 0.39 ≤5.0 41 Excellent Flowability;Excellent Disintegration Grade obtained by increasing the bulk density of TC101.Flowability and disintegration properties are greatly improved. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TC302 110 0.42 ≤5.0 38 Excellent Flowability;Excellent Disintegration Grade obtained by increasing the bulk density of TC102. Improved flowability and disintegration, suitable for high-speed tableting. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TCD555 50 0.45 ≤5.0 37 Excellent Flowability;Excellent Compressibility;Excellent Disintegration Innovative grade. The particle size is close to TC101, and the density is slightly higher than TC302. It has good disintegration properties and can improve tablet hardness. It is suitable for solving problems such as disintegration of solid preparations. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
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