Product Introduction
  • TONCELLUS® TC Series, with outstanding flowability, can significantly improve the flowability of other powders;

  • TC Series can ensure the mixing homogeneity of pharmaceutical ingredients, and thus reduce tablet weight variations;

  • Meanwhile, the porous structure of TC Series has brought them excellent drug adsorption capacity;

  • TC Series are prominently advantageous in formability and compressibility;

  • TC Series can produce tablets with satisfactory hardness under relatively low pressures, which can reduce wear on the tablet press machine and dies;

  • TC Series are the optimal choice as fillers/diluents for solid preparations.

  • TC Series have been granted DFM 032755,  CDE's associated registration number was published. 

Product Parameters
Model D50 μm Bulk Density g/cm³ Loss on drying % Angle ° CDE Reg. No. Special properties Application
TONCELLUS® TC101 60 0.29 ≤7.0 45 F20180000805-A Wet Granulation The basic model, used for wet granulation.
TONCELLUS® TC102 100 0.32 ≤7.0 42 F20180000805-A Excellent Flowability ;Direct Compression Larger particle sizes than TC101, good flowability.
TONCELLUS® TC105 20 0.25 ≤7.0 / F20180000805-A Dry granulating Very fine particle size, good compressibility, easy to press sheet, is also a strong dry adhesive
TONCELLUS® TC112 100 0.31 ≤1.5 42 F20180000805-A Excellent Flowability;Direct Compression;Low Moisture Product with low water content, obtained by reducing water on the basis of TC102.
TONCELLUS® TC200 190 0.32 ≤7.0 36 F20180000805-A Excellent Flowability;Direct Compression Better disintegration and larger particle size compared with TC101, porous and spherical structure; good flowability, used for direct compression.
TONCELLUS® TC200XL 250 0.34 ≤7.0 <36 F20180000805-A Excellent Flowability;Direct Compression Larger particle size and better flowability compared with TC200, used for direct compression
TONCELLUS® TC301 60 0.39 ≤7.0 41 F20180000805-A Excellent Flowability;Excellent Disintegration Increased density, improved flowability and disintegration, and slightly reduced formability compared with TC101.
TONCELLUS® TC302 100 0.42 ≤7.0 38 F20180000805-A Excellent Flowability;Excellent Disintegration Larger particle size and better flowability compared with TC301, used for direct compression
TONCELLUS® TC302L 100 0.42 ≤3.0 38 F20180000805-A Excellent Disintegration;Low Moisture Product with low water content, obtained on the basis of TC302
TONCELLUS® TCD555 50 0.45 ≤7.0 37 F20180000805-A Excellent Flowability;Excellent Compressibility;Excellent Disintegration Extremely good flowability and formability, good disintegration performance
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