Product Introduction

TONCELLUS® TL Series are characterized by significantly improved flowability of MCC powders due to the application of Topchain Pharma's specific technologies but not the traditional method of increasing sizes and altering appearance and shapes of MCC particles. This is a good solution for strongly sticky and adhesive API powders. For example, they have solved the problem of non-uniform mixing and great tablet weight variations in the manufacturing with high-dose formulations. The series have been granted DMF 032755,CDE's associated registration number was published. 

Product Parameters
Model D50 μm Bulk Denstiy g/cm³ Loss on drying % Angle ° Special properties Application CDMF/DMF
TONCELLUS® TL565 50 0.65 ≤7.0 34 Excellent Flowability ;Excellent Compressibility The innovative product with the largest bulk density and the best flowability in MCC. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
TONCELLUS® TL965 100 0.65 ≤7.0 <34 Excellent Flowability ;Excellent Compressibility Innovative products. Large particle size, high bulk density, excellent flowability, used to improve powder flowability. F20180000805-A; DMF032755
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