Product Introduction

TOMCELAC® TMC Series are prepared by mixing MCC and lactose monohydrate using a special process followed by spray drying. They are a new type of high-quality and high-performance excipients that perfectly combine the brittle deformation of lactose monohydrate and the plastic deformation of MCC. With excellent flowability and compressibility, they can be used for direct compression.

Product Parameters
Model D50 μm Bulk Density g/cm³ pH Loss on drying % Functional features Application
TOMCELAC® TMC 935 105 0.29 4.0-7.0 ≤6.0 Direct Compression Suitable for APIs with tablet hardness requirements and sensitive to lubricants, for direct compression.
TOMCELAC® TMC 955 120 0.48 4.0-7.0 ≤1.5 Direct Compression Improve dissolution and disintegration, increase tablet hardness and prevent lubricant sensitivity. High bulk density and good fluidity
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