Mannitol & MCC Co-Processed TMF Series
Product Introduction

TOPFILLER-OD™TMF Series are co-processed products especially designed by Topchain Pharma for orally disintegrating tablets. 

TOPFILLER-OD™ TMF955 is composed of carefully screened five components, prepared fromMCC,mannitol,and ect.

TOPFILLER-OD™ TMF965 is composed of carefully screened four components, prepared fromMCC,mannitol,and ect.

Product Parameters
Model D50 μm Bulk Density g/cm³ pH Loss on drying % Application CDE Reg. No.
TOPFILLER-OD™ TMF955 110 0.55 5.0-7.5 ≤6.0 Excellent flowablity, disintegration and compressibility; good taste; for orally disintegrating tablets /
TOPFILLER-OD™ TMF965 110 0.55 5.0-7.5 ≤6.0 Compared with TMF955, there is less xylitol content, and the taste is slightly cool, silky and without without granular feeling. With excellent disintegration, flowability and formability, it is used for orally disintegrating tablets and sublingual tablets. F20210000478
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