R & D system

The R&D Department is Topchain Pharma's strategic engine department carrying the power output of the entire company at the level of R&D and innovation. The department has established a complete R&D system covering high-end excipient development, research on the basic properties and applications of excipients, and excipient registration application. The R&D Department has a synthetic R&D office, an excipient property and application research office, R&D QC/QA, registration application and related offices. The department boasts multiple equipment for innovative development and application such as intelligent powder property tester, Malvern Mastersizer 3000, hardness tester, friability tester, dissolution tester, disintegration apparatus, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and spray drying tower.

In product R&D, Topchain Pharma pursues fine quality and development and innovation and will never stop doing so. Its product positioning is based on meeting and exceeding the requirements of pharmacopoeias of various countries. It takes aligning with global famous brands and even surpassing them in some properties as the target and takes meeting customers' preparation R&D needs and solving their pain points as the orientation. The R&D Department focuses on the application of cellulose and its derivatives in pharmaceutical preparations and commits itself to developing cutting-edge and innovative pharmaceutical excipients with special functions.

After many years of hard work, the R&D Department has established sound partnerships with many domestic pharmaceutical development companies and R&D departments of pharmaceutical enterprises.

Product Development

Natural cellulose comes from various resources in nature. It's renewable, degradable and environmentally friendly, so it's widely used in the textile and papermaking and other industries. MCC products obtained from natural cellulose after being further processed have been widely used in the field of medicine and healthcare. 

Topchain Pharma develops products using its exclusive technologies with high-quality imported wood dissolving pulp as the starting materials. Now, the company has successfully mastered multiple technologies for the R&D and industrial application of cellulose related products.

Technical Service

Topchain Pharma has carried out in-depth studies on the basic performance, functional indicators and application of products and collected and collated the basic data to form an industry database so as to provide complete technical support and services to customers for smooth application of related products. 

  • Research on Basic Performance
    Tophchain Pharma has conducted a lot of studies on the basic performance of excipients, including the physical and chemical properties, impurities and related substances of powders;
  • Research on Functionality
    Tophchain Pharma pays special attention to studying the functionality of excipients, such as compressibility, flowability, sensitivity, and other functional indicators;
  • Research on Application
    Tophchain Pharma adheres to carrying out a lot of studies on the application of excipients, such as the impact of excipients on the formability of typical APIs during the tableting process;
  • Functional Excipient Application Research Platform
    In response to the national policy support for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Topchain Pharma has established a platform for studying the application of new functional excipients for TCM preparations with the hope of contributing to the development of new TCM preparations and new product regulations.
Platform Building

Topchain will continue to increase the investment in R&D and plans to establish a provincial-level cellulose R&D center to learn more about the relationship between MCC structure and performance, develop more quality cellulose derivatives, guide and promote the innovation and development of the cellulose industry and provide strong support for customers to develop more innovative dosage forms.