Topchain & Youpuhui Visiting Series Activity: To Eggbio Biology

Publisher:TOPCHAIN Time:2020-12-29

In Guangzhou, it's such a hot summer, but it seems to be cheering for the exchange event among three vibrant high-tech enterprises.

On the afternoon of August 1, a delegation from Zhuhai Topchain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Topchain" for short) and Shenzhen Youpuhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Youpuhui" for short) visited Guangzhou Eggbio Biology Co., Ltd. ("Eggbio Biology" for short), a famous pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO) in Guangzhou. The three companies had a technical exchange under the theme of application of new excipients. 

All three companies attached great importance to the exchange opportunity. The participating leaders included Executive Director He Shengjiang, Director Tang Wenxing and Department Director Yu Siqin of Eggbio Biology; Chairman Duan Minying and R&D Manager Yang Dengke of Topchain; and GM Zhang Zhanhong and Technical Manager Zhang Tiefeng of Youpuhui. 

The event started as scheduled after a brief meeting among the leaders of the three parties. First, Executive Director He Shengjiang of Eggbio Biology delivered a speech on behalf of the host. Next, Tang Wenxing, a senior technical leader from Eggbio Biology, gave a detailed introduction to the company's structure, development history and future planning. Then, Mr. Duan Minying summarized the mission and vision of Topchain, and expressed the wish to further strengthen the cooperation with Eggbio Biology. 


After the leaders made their speeches, it's the PPT presentation by Topchain and Youpuhui separately under the theme of technical exchange, respectively titled "MCC – Topchain's Innovative Product Development and Functional Application Research" and "Introduction to Youpuhui's Excipients and Their Application", which pushed the event to a climax. 

Mr. Yang Dengke, R&D Manager of Topchain, gave an introduction to Topchain's new MCC excipients with its product innovation as the main line. With his plain look, loud voice and profound technical background, Mr. Yang presented a wonderful academic lecture. Through the PPT presentation, everyone present learned that, just off the coast of the Pearl River, there is actually a pharmaceutical manufacturer that benchmarks its products with international first-line brands and takes product technological innovation as its life. As the presentation ended one and a half hour later, the participants broke into loud applause, perhaps to thank Mr. Yang for his excellent presentation or to cheer for the development of China's pharmaceutical materials science. Following that, many experts in preparations spoke enthusiastically and raised some questions. Mr. Yang answered the questions one by one. If the host didn't remind that there would be time for free talks according to the agenda, the warm atmosphere would still last for some time. 

After a short break, Ms. Zhang Tiefeng, Youpuhui's Technical Manager, started her lecture on Youpuhui's new-type imported excipients through a PPP presentation titled "Introduction to Youpuhui's Excipients and Their Application". 

Ms. Zhang wore a pair of golden-framed glasses that looked fresh in style and was dressed in white. She looked so graceful in her movements. Her profound knowledge coupled with her product introduction that was closer to the actual practice was awe-inspiring. The PPT presentation was truly down-to-earth, and showed no trace of empty talk at all. It involved the contents from Ashland, SPI, Budenheim, Vikram, Eastman, Cabot to Dah Feng Capsule; and from varieties, technical comparison, usage, dosage to solutions to practical issues. While listening to her presentation, other participants, including the participating leaders nodded repeatedly. Everyone listened to her attentively and made notes from time to time. Many of them even took pictures of the key points. Except Ms. Zhang's melodious voice, only camera shutter sounds could be heard occasionally at the scene. 

When Ms. Zhang finished her lecture after one hour and 15 minutes, stormy applause broke out again, which was the recognition to Ms. Zhang, as well as the cheer for the development of Youpuhui and Topchain.  


In the summary, Ms. Zhang noted that Youpuhui and Topchain would support Eggbio Biology in various aspects. She also expressed the wish to work with Eggbio Biology to overcome difficulties and develop together, which was actively responded by leaders of Eggbio Biology and other experts in preparations. The enthusiastic atmosphere lasted for nearly half an hour in the discussions, and the experts in preparations actively applied for samples related to their research projects, with the sample types almost filled the three-page form.

The three-hour communication may be just a brief moment in the long stream of time, but the sincerity and openness as well as the exploration and inquiry of knowledge are bound to draw a clear time mark in the development history of the three companies. 

Finally, let's wish Eggbio Biology, Youpuhui and Topchain continuous development through the winds and waves!