Product Introduction
  • TONCELLUS® TLF Series are high-end individualized MCC products;

  • TLF Series are the optimal diluents/fillers for the compression process;

  • TLF Series, with both high formability and high compressibility into consideration, have perfectly realized the compression of low-formability API powders and high-dose formulation of APIs;

  • TLF Series can reduce tablet sizes and between-tablet abrasion;

  • In the series, TLF935 has very good flowability, TLF525 has good flowability and also much better formability compared with TC101;

  • The series have been granted DMF 032755,CDE's associated registration number was published. 

Product Parameters
Model D50 μm Bulk Denstity g/cm³ Loss on drying % Angle ° CDE Reg. No. Special properties Application
TONCELLUS® TLF515 65 0.17 ≤7.0 45 Excellent Flowability ;Excellent Compressibility;Excellent Disintegration Modified MCC with excellent formability.
TONCELLUS® TLF525 65 0.22 ≤7.0 42 Excellent Flowability ;Excellent Compressibility;Excellent Disintegration Good compressibility, ability to well improve the flowability of materials.
TONCELLUS® TLF935 105 0.28 ≤7.0 34 Excellent Flowability ;Excellent Compressibility;Excellent Disintegration Increased bulk density which has improved the flowability of MCC products.
TONCELLUS® TLF935L 105 0.28 ≤3.0 34 Excellent Flowability ;Excellent Compressibility;Excellent Disintegration;Low Moisture Product with low water content, obtained on the basis of TLF935.
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